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Jack Holbrook

Jack Holbrook

Jack remembers when Top Producers sifted through books of listings -- yes, actual books! -- to listings being a monumental improvement for the real estate industry.

Jack has been a residential real estate professional for more than twenty-five years. Although he can list various acronyms after his name, Jack considers his most important credential to be his association with Gelineau & Associates R.E., where he has worked during most of his career.

At this point in his career, Jack has chosen to focus on a niche market: first-time homebuyers and home sellers and understanding the unique needs at this important time in their lives. If you’re looking for a dedicated, client-focused realtor and an expert who knows how to market townhomes in the fast-changing MetroWest marketplace, Jack may be just the Realtor you need.

Jack lives with his family in Lincoln, MA where he collects wine and writes slightly offbeat stories that sometimes strain one's willing suspension of disbelief -- but never too much.